We welcome new ideas

Do you have new ideas for A.S. Watson in health, wellbeing, beauty and lifestyle?

At A.S. Watson Group, Innovation is one of our corporate brand DNAs. Every day, we strive to work smarter, create more value for our customers and deliver better results for our shareholders from new ideas, or new ways of doing things.

Do you have an idea that could help us to put a smile on our customers’ faces, or help us to work smarter?

We want to connect to any company, academic institution or individual who have innovative products or packaging, services, new store fixture materials, technologies, or commercial opportunities that can help us bring more to the lives of our customers around the world.

What are we looking for?
Why work with A.S. Watson Group?
How to submit an idea?

Ready to submit an idea? Download the application form: Application Form

We recommend that you download the form and complete it using Adobe Acrobat. This is a free application for PC, Mac and mobile devices. You can download the PC and Mac versions here. If you are intending on completing this form using a mobile device, Acrobat can be found here for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone) and here for Android devices.

Once complete, please email the application form and any supporting files to [email protected]. You may use online file sharing services to upload the supporting files.

You may also consider these other ways to reach out to A.S. Watson:

If your company is a supplier of goods, materials, or services who would like to be considered as a potential supplier to A.S. Watson, please visit A.S. Watson Supplier Portal.

If your organization is seeking product donations, grants or sponsorships, or for other information, please visit our Project LOL website.

Thank you for your interest in A.S. Watson Group.